How not to remove windshield...

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How not to remove windshield...

Post by Dj on Sat Dec 31, 2011 12:16 am

Its funny cause people are like, "oh, its easy to remove a windshield. Why would you charge so much to do so?"

Cause you fucking idiots. You WILL break it cause you are dumb. I have the motherfuckingjedimasterskillsbitches!!!!!!

Saw this on VWvortex and loled.

Rust around windshield (caused by previous installers being lazy, I see it all day every day)

Gets the idea to buy a Cold Knife to cut the shield out

And now the windshield looks like this

Anyway, just figured id post that seeing how people say shit all the time how its not hard. Its not "hard" but it aint easy! snap

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